What is Life – purpose meaning how happiness matters, to be, live.

What is Life?

The question “what is life?” may seem an absurd one, as it is somewhat obvious, given how deep one wishes to go. We might simply respond with “this is life”, “this, what you are living” and this answer would be an honest one. We could simply leave it at that and return to our day-to-day activities.

It is likely that, in asking the question “what is life?”, we are looking to dig a little deeper into “this” to find out more about what life is. Why dig deeper? Perhaps we wish to compare notes with others. Perhaps we want to iron out some details on what this actually is that we are doing by living.

What is Life?

We may be looking for guiding principles or wanting to establish if there are any. We might also be looking for some sense of empowerment and seeking to understand the scope of our power or abilities as a living being. What do we have in common with others, and what is specific only to us as individuals?

What is Life, really?

The intent of this website is to focus on these questions and to provide some insight into how to better understand the nature of reality, what part we do (or can) play, the principles or natural laws (if any) that govern this reality, and what the whole point of living is.

This is certainly a great deal to take on, but there are things we can understand. Some things in life are a mystery and so need to be understood as such. Other aspects can be understood and this amounts to wisdom.

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